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  • @kieran,

    It isn’t possible to specify a different landing page at the moment.

    Perhaps one way to accomplish what you are after is this:

    1/ A ‘Subscription’ page containing details about subscribing that contains the form with the unsubsribe button hidden and is easily found from your site homepage.

    2/ An ‘Unsubscription’ page containing a sorry you’re leaving message and the form with the ‘Subscribe’ button hidden. You could but a link to this page in the footer of all email notifications and hide it from the homepage.

    3/ A very simple page containing only the Subscribe2 form, again hidden from the homepage and that is the landing page for all requests.

    Thanks so much for that.

    The issue for me is not necessarily the form itself, but what happens after someone presses submit. I needed to give them a message to say that they were going to get an email which they needed to look out for – and the best way to do that seemed to be by using the landing page. I can’t now remember – is it possible for the subscribe form to display a message on the page itself once it has been submitted?



    Once data is submitted to the form the user can be directed to another page by using the id parameter but this should still result in a message on screen provided the shortcode is used on that page also.

    With the page set up described above you would not use the id parameter as you’d want the page directing back to itself.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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