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  1. uddhava
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I looked and looked for plugins and other resources but i cannot find a single posts that solves my question.

    Is it possible that new posts get a default tag ?

    The default tag(s) can be defined in the functions.php for example.

    What code should i look for?

  2. Lara Littlefield
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Unfortunately I don't have a plugin or piece of code to solve this, but I'm curious why you might want to do this from a UX/usability standpoint. Would you mind elaborating?

  3. uddhava
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I probably go against all UX/usubility ethics, but my authors are not very familiar with using tags. I recently switched to a template that uses a Slider that only works with tags on posts. I cannot change the slider to work with all posts, so i was thinking to put some code in the funtions.php that set a default tag to every post.

  4. TammyJRizzo
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I, too, am looking to auto-tag my posts, but with a specific, 'sticky' group of tags (like my name and business) that I wish people to associate with me and my blog. I extend the tag list for each post with relevant tags, but I don't like having to click and scroll for each and every one of my 'sticky' tags - the constant up and down of the screen on the 'frequently used tags' list makes me sick to my stomach. I have looked for some kind of plug-in that will do that for me, and so far have not found anything that will let me set a group of default tags for every new post. I think this needs to be addressed.

    The thing might be doable with code, but the reason I'm using WordPress in the first place is the user-friendly graphic interface and the extensibility with plug-ins that do not require coding knowledge, since I have tried for years to learn how to code and can not wrap my brain around it. I'm number/symbol dyslexic, and code just simply makes no sense to me at all, so pointing me toward the function.php file or any other kind of code editing is not going to be helpful to me at all.

    Is there no plug-in that can do what I need? Is there nobody out there who could help me?

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