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  • Is there a plugin that would allow me to do this?

    I’m manually creating user blogs because my site’s concept is dependent on users paying a fee to start one. I don’t mind doing that, only takes a few minutes and it’s not something I foresee becoming overwhelming.

    What I need is a way to tell WP to automatically kick a child site/blog into “archive” mode on a specified future date so that it’s not viewable by the public, but all content is still there in case the owner wants to renew their term.

    As it stand now, I’m going to have to schedule expiry dates on a calendar somewhere and manually set child sites to “archive” mode when their expiry date comes up. Bleh.

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  • Still looking for this, and willing to help with creation of it/learn from the creator during the process if anyone is interested!

    If manually adding/tracking premium pay-to-blog users isn’t onerous, why not just manually kick their sites to inactive via SuperAdmin->Sites?

    Here’s a couple examples of pay-to-blog type plugins from my favorite pay-to-download WP/WPMU/Buddypress site, Supporter and Membership .

    Not sure if either plugin kicks blogs to inactive, but the SuperAmin must get notice somewhere when paid dues are overdue.

    Yeah, manually kicking them via the super admin -> sites menu is what I’m currently doing. I’d just LOVE to have a plugin that would do it for me on a per-site specified date. Bonus points if the plugin sends out a form email to the child site’s admin email addy [X] days before the archiving takes place so that they can re-up their time 🙂

    And unforuntately, I don’t have the money to join wpmudev. Also, to be completely honest, I’d love to be involved in the creation of this plugin so that I may learn more about coding for WP and php in general. I just don’t have the expertise to know where to begin with it, even.

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