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  • Hi Support,
    in an E-Commerce project, we consider using separate logic-structures for URLs and Breadcrumbs. Parent directories in URLs are gender-neutral, only the current directory can use a gender, as shown in the example:
    Home > Ladies Sports Shoes > Jogging Shoes > Split Sole

    The Breadcrumbs, however, support a female customer by pre-filtering existing higher level archive pages to her gender / area of interest.

    What would help us:
    a) The Breadcrumbs Plugin lets us manually set custom paths and output names for parent directories.
    b) The Breadcrumbs Plugin searches rule based for matching child directories (in my sample it would output the ladies sports shoes archive, as soon as there is a “ladies” directory found somewhere in the URL).

    Does Breadcrumb NavXT / one of its add-ons do this? A quick hint where to start reading in your docs would be very helpful.

    Thanks, Holger

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  • Plugin Author John Havlik


    So, Breadcrumb NavXT doesn’t exactly care about the URL, it picks up on how the content is actually organized within WordPress. However, if you’re doing things that don’t really follow the traditional structures withing WordPress, then things will get tricky. Not knowing more on how this is being implemented makes it difficult to recommend a particular solution, however, I will say you can use the bcn_after_fill action to traverse the trail and add/modify breadcrumbs as needed. Otherwise, as breadcrumbs are added, you could use one or more of the filters to adjust what ends up in the trail (e.g. bcn_pick_post_term).

    Thread Starter H&S-Team


    Thank you very much, John! We will have a look.

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