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    Thanks for your question! Currently, there’s no admin option / setting to make a particular blog the default template site. However, if you aren’t afraid of peaking in the code and making a simple edit you can hard code this to any site you want (it will still be changeable in the drop-down).

    Around line 164 change the number 1 to whatever site ID you want to be the default selected:

    $source_id = '1';

    It should work fine with custom table prefixes as long as all tables honor the setting you’ve configured in wp-config.php. Some plugins don’t honor those and create tables with different names. In those cases there might be issues. But, the Cloner uses the configured table prefix in it’s code.

    Still – let us know if you see any issues!

    I think what echoleaf was asking is when creating a new site is there a way to have NS Cloner make the new site a copy of a template site?

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    Apologies if I’m still missing something! That is exactly what the NS Cloner does – it makes a new site that is a copy of whatever template site you pick including its settings, plugins, theme, media files, etc.

    Does that help? Or is there still an outstanding question?


    Sorry about the confusion. The cloner is awesome but what it does not do (unless I’m mistaken) is when a new site is created via a new site registration by a new user it doesn’t act as a conduit in order to make this new site a clone of another site on the network.

    Please let me know if this makes sense or if I am missing something.

    Thank you!

    Blog Template and WP Replicator do this but these plugins are far inferior to NS Cloner and cannot provide workable site copies for me.

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    Ah! Sorry – I gotcha now, and unfortunately you are correct. The Cloner originated as an admin tool, and doesn’t currently support cloning from a front-end user / blog registration process. However, this is near the top of our “to do” list and we will probably offer an affordable “add-on” for this in the future. Thank you very much for the feedback!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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