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  • I think I may delete this plugin as this is not the first time this error has happened. The last time I ended up reinstalling WP because of it then everything went ok (So it wasn’t the webserver at fault).
    It has now happened again since your update so I am a very unhappy person.
    I have posted a ticket to my server in hope they can fix it as you have suggested but it’s clear to me this plugin is the root cause and not worth the upset 🙁

    Hi Mike, I’m having serious problems also. I downloaded and installed the latest version but still having issues. I cant activate the plugin without it breaking the site (blank pages, site gone)
    The Solution on the session-start-error page:

    The Solution:
    Make a trouble ticket with your web host. Ask them to fix the broken PHP session feature of the web server. It will better help them resolve the problem if you include the error message and a URL to your page with the error on it. They can create the proper temporary folder needed for PHP sessions. If the folder is already there, they can check and make the necessary adjustments to the folder permissions or group ownership. Then the sessions will work as they should.

    The host is sometimes not helpful, not available or not willing to help out. Can you tell us how to “fix” the broken PHP session feature of the web server?

    The fix is like this. Look at the error, determine the folder that the error says cannot be opened

    example error:
    The error is similar to this (the line numbers and directory may even be slightly different)
    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/tmp/sess_aa3rmj2iquntm19df3d2higua3, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /wp-content/plugins/si-contact-form/si-contact-form.php on line 1795

    In this example the server folder /tmp does not exist
    have the web host create the /tmp folder. Something a server administrator can do in about 1 minute.

    The server PHP session fix usually requires root privilege, something a web host customer would not usually have. If you have a sever that does not function enough to load sessions, ask your web host to fix it. If they will not fix their broken server, their support is lacking good customer service. Sorry if that is your situation. If my web host had poor customer service, I would move to a better web host.

    Thanks Mike, that does help. My problem is that now I can’t recreate the error to get the exact error message. The host is currently looking at it but when I install and activate si-contact-form (possibly not the cause of the original problem I have to add,), the page/website loads blank (FF). In Google chrome I get a generic HTTP error 500. I dont recall what I did to get the session_start() error to show on screen. I had renamed the entire plugins folder to xplugins (it may have been then), but as it’s a live site I dont want to break it again. I have been able to get nearly all plugins working one at a time, but Contact Form is the hiccup right now. I’ll wait to hear what the host can find.
    Still a great fan of Contact Form, and genuinely dont think your form caused this error, but seems to be the victim. Thanks for your help, will let you know how it goes.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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