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  • Hi there, I have been using this plugin and it serves my purpose but recently I had cleared all history for my browser (firefox) and now I can’t login and it keeps saying “2fas session expired or invalid” i have tried
    1) cleared all configurations for 2FAS light – didn’t work
    2) Deactivate and delete plugin then install and re-activate – didn’t work


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  • Ok thank you for the effort by the way I am using Firefox account to sync bookmarks across my devices if that helps. But only in firefox not in any other browser

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    Yes the screenshot was from firefox. in the mean time can you tell me how to delete 2FAS light completely from wordpress including the database. Maybe I do a fresh install of 2fas it will help. oh yeah .. one more thing I have another wordpress that is using 2fas light as well so maybe that explains the 2 cookies ?

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    Yes, it explains why the cookies exist in your browser. Does plugin work properly on the other website?

    There are two ways of deleting the plugin. The best way is to go to a page with installed plugins, deactivate 2FAS Light and click Delete. An alternative way is to delete folder with the plugin via FTP or SSH but it is important to manually delete database entries. To do this go to wp_options and wp_usermeta tables and delete all records beginning with twofas_light_ prefix.

    Yes the other website is working properly

    I have deactivate and deleted the plugin and then deleted any records that starts with the prefix in wp_options and wp_usermeta. but to no luck it didn;t resolve the issue. like I asked last time do you think having the firefox account impacts anything to do with this issue ?

    Did i tell you that this issue is across 3 laptops, 1 desktop,1 android and 1 iphone so i am. Guessing that its not due to my devicea and to do with the wp or plugin. I tried another google authenticator plugin and that worked but your plugin works better by remembering my debices

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    It seems it can be some kind of server’s problem. Do you have all your website on the same server or maybe you use different hosting providers?

    I use differemt hosting for both website and i do have cloudfront on the websote with the issue

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    You wrote in the first post that the plugin worked fine at the beginning. Do you remember what changed between plugin installation and the moment when plugin stopped working properly? Maybe you changed hosting provider or changed some server settings?

    The thing that i did was that i was trying to solve an issue with cloudfront and needed to clear all Firefox cache and history so i cleared it and even uninstall Firefox and restore defaults then signed in to my Firefox account then try to login to my site and it didn’t work

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    Maybe the cloudfront issue you wanted to solve is the case.

    Well the cloudfront issue is already solved

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    Unfortunately, we cannot help more because we don’t know how to reproduce the error. It is probably related to some specific server’s settings which don’t allow 2FAS Light plugin to create cookies. We’re sorry, but we’re not able to solve it.

    Fortunately you guys have the other 2FAS app … now I have installed the other plugin and set it up it works beautifully again now. the one with the red icon logo. anyway some questions

    1) this 2fas plugin can use sms and I will be charged for the SMS only or is there a plugin subscription monthly/yearly ?
    2) so I can enable it for my customers to use sms only and my admins to use 2FAS ? with
    3) if I only use the 2fas app it is free for any number of users ?

    by the way your PREMIUM link on the footer is broken.

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    The fact that 2FAS plugin works properly proves that the issue with 2FAS Light is caused by specific server’s settings because setting cookies works very similarly in these two plugins.

    1. Currently we don’t have any subscription plan. You’ll be charged for every SMS/VMS. Additional fee will also be charged for every successful authentication. You can see details here:

    2. Actually authentication via SMS/VMS is only a backup login method. Users are obligated to set up 2FAS tokens (TOTP) first. They can log in via SMS/VMS if they can’t provide token generated by the app, for example in case they lost their phone.

    You wrote customers. Do you use WooCommerce? Unfortunately, WooCommerce’s customers cannot set up two-factor authentication. It can be set up only by users who have access to WordPress’ dashboard, not only administrators.

    3. Authentication via 2FAS tokens generated by the app is free for any number of users.

    If you have more questions related to 2FAS plugin, please create a new topic on forum dedicated to this plugin:

    Thank you for reporting the issue with the link. We fixed it and now it works properly.

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