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[Resolved] Session Expired Dialog (Not Really Expired)

  • Whenever I edit a post, the session expired dialog pops up after a minute or so. I can close the dialog for it to open again within a minute. If I cancel, I get redirected to the post, still logged in in spite of the dialog’s remarks to the contrary.

    I just installed the plugin with version 0.8.5 and haven’t used it a lot, but the dialog did not appear in that version. It just started appearing with 9.0, and I tried updating again to 9.1 to fix it but the problem remains.

    I like the plugin so far, and maybe this should be in a separate thread, but I have a request. For mobile support, I would like the editor bar to be three rows and fit within a 620 pixel width. I’d also like it centered with a top offset so it doesn’t obscure my primary site menu which is fixed on top, but I imagine that should be able to be adjusted with CSS once it is modified to fit within 620 pixels.


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  • I’m using the social login plugin, in case that helps. I imagine it is the most likely plugin to cause/expose a bug of that nature.

    Plugin Author Ella


    I’ll take a look at what changed from v0.8.5. Could you turn the other plugins off and see if you still have the problem?

    I use it for authentication, so I could have trouble logging back in without it. I’ve modified the social login plugin to conditionally display stuff on login and out, which I kind of need for my site to work.

    Here is the link to the Social Login plugin site so you can test to verify if it introduces the bug; http://www.oneall.com/

    Plugin Author Ella


    Well if you deactivate it and don’t log out in the meantime, you won’t. I’d prefer not to sign up for this plugin… 🙂

    Well, you’re right, deactivating didn’t sign me out. It didn’t fix the problem either, unfortunately, so I don’t have much for clues. I’m not actually going to be able to use the plugin until the feature I requested is implemented, so if you could keep an eye out for something that may have changed to cause that in the meantime.

    If there are further measures I could take to help you locate the cause of the bug, I can do so. Just let me know what I can do and I’ll do it when I can. I have a lot of other work to take care of before I need this plugin working, so no big rush here.

    I do need the plugin working, though, or I’ll probably have to start from scratch. I’m using the Types plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/types/) for custom post types, also, which I think would be a good framework for you to focus on supporting. I’m willing to help, either by coding or helping with design ideas basing them off my requirements if you want to keep the code your own.

    Do my feature requests sound interesting to you? If so, I can write up a more formal and detailed thread on them. The makers of the Types plugin have premium plugins available for editing and viewing I could look into, so I suppose paying for it is an option besides building from scratch. With the limited support for custom post types already built in to your plugin, I just thought you might be interested in implementing them more robustly, and if so, the Types plugin is the framework you would want to implement it with.

    Plugin Author Ella


    It’s likely something the other plugin is doing wrong rather than a bug in this plugin. Or it’s just not compatible on the front-end… Please keep in mind that this plugin is still experimental.
    I’ve not used that plugin before, but I’ll take a look at it. Sure, you can try making it compatible, but at this time we’re just trying to get all the features in. 😉

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