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  • In your FAQ it states:

    “session variables will live for 24 minutes”

    24 minutes seems a bit of a random length of time! Do you mean 24 hours? Thanks.

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  • Nope, he really means 24 minutes:

    	 * Set both the expiration time and the expiration variant.
    	 * If the current time is below the variant, we don't update the session's expiration time. If it's
    	 * greater than the variant, then we update the expiration time in the database.  This prevents
    	 * writing to the database on every page load for active sessions and only updates the expiration
    	 * time if we're nearing when the session actually expires.
    	 * By default, the expiration time is set to 30 minutes.
    	 * By default, the expiration variant is set to 24 minutes.
    	 * As a result, the session expiration time - at a maximum - will only be written to the database once
    	 * every 24 minutes.  After 30 minutes, the session will have been expired. No cookie will be sent by
    	 * the browser, and the old session will be queued for deletion by the garbage collector.

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