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  • I upgraded SES Theme Split Test to the new version (1.4), and my site instantly went down with fatal errors describing calls to undefined functions.

    I tracked the problem to a couple of includes in my functions file like the following:
    require( get_template_directory() . '/widgets/widgets.php' );

    The includes weren’t successful, so the functions didn’t get defined.

    In order to clear the problem, I had to change get_template_directory() to get_stylesheet_directory(), which does seem to work.

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  • I thought I had this fixed, and it’s working in Chrome on my mac, but IE still gives me include errors, like so:

    Warning: require(/serverpath/wp-content/themes/1/widgets/widgets.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /serverpath/wp-content/themes/holland/functions.php on line 382

    The require() path is not resolving properly with the new version of the plugin and WP 3.6.1. Instead of the “holland” directory, it’s looking for a “1” directory.

    It looks like whether I use get_template_directory() or get_stylesheet_directory() the plugin is replacing the theme name with “0” or “1” depending on which theme is selected.

    Plugin Author Lee Willis



    None of the code you’ve posted has anything to do with this plugin – looks like it’s all coming from your theme?

    Hello Lee, thanks for replying.

    You’re right that the problem is in an interaction between my theme’s code and the plugin, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to correct it.

    The issue is that when I require a file in my theme, like so:

    require( 'widgets/widgets.php' );

    the include path would be relative to my theme, like so:


    but when I enable the plugin, the include path is rewritten like so:


    and my site breaks. When I turn off the plugin, the include path reverts to its original, correct version and the site works again.

    Plugin Author Lee Willis


    Can you try going into the settings for the theme split test plugin (The newer version), and re-saving your choice of available themes.

    Thanks Lee, I will try it.

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