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    Hello everyone

    I have taken on a new website originally designed by another web company. We were originally going to recreate our own, but time constraints will not allow us to do this as the website needs to be fully functioning to allow us the client to take bookings for the the services he provides. As the current site is made by another company in there own theme, we have limited access to make changes to the current site. For example plugins and logos changes

    Ive had an email from the clients previous web company and they are going to send over the whole website to us including the database, to allow us to make changes to the site.

    The client wants to change is url and email address, he has already bought a new domain name. I was just wanting to know the cot of running everything on our own servers and what is involved in it? I would need to make changes to the logos and add plug ins as well As it is something i have never done on WordPress before, it thought i would post on here for advice and guidance

    Here is the website

    Any feedback would be great

    Thank you very much


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    I would recommend using site ground http://siteground.com/go/xheight for hosting there are 3 levels of hosting for wordpress. The Mid tear is usually what I recommend. So it would be about $75 for the first year. You could use one of many back up and deploy plugins to get the site running on the new host and change the domain. Other wise you would need to edit the Database for the new url and do a search and replace on the site for the old URL.

    Hope that helps.




    Hello Michael,
    It really depends on how well your site is coded/optimized, and how much traffic you experience. I recommend using a hosting company, rather than hosting/maintaining your own servers/assets. That way if you run into issues (returned emails, blacklistings, site hacks, etc.) you can contact them for assistance.

    For example, a shared hosting plan would probably start around $5/month. You could then upgrade your hosting plan as needed, such as: Shared->VPS->Dedicated server

    Of course, the price will increase as your plan is upgraded.



    Posting recommendations for hosting is strongly frowned upon here, and I’m surprised this topic isn’t already locked. While I tend to disagree with that policy, it’s needed here. Posting an affiliate link is spam, not a recommendation…

    To the OP: you didn’t state whether the original site was developed using WordPress. If it was, then migrating to a new domain is straightforward, and there are instructions here on wordpress.org for doing so. If the site was developed using some other type of CMS, you might be able to use an application that can convert from the CMS to WordPress. If a converter doesn’t exist, or if the site was built from scratch, then you have a lot of work ahead of you…



    @diondesigns My bad just trying to help. Thanks for the heads up.

    Any luck @mikeoc91 ?



    http://petesaia.github.io/Peach/ is a quite nice tool to change the urls in the database quickly. However, if there really isn’t a specific reason to change the old url, I would not do it as the previous domain is more valuable in terms of SEO. If the client still wants to change everything, at least make an 301 redirect from the old page.

    Since all WordPress themes don’t work the same way, it is quite difficult to say any specific guidelines concerning the modifications you are going to make especially if it is a custom theme made by another company.

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