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  • I’m hoping someone can take a look at a page for me and tell me what the conflict is. The site was developed almost 2 years ago with a custom WordPress theme. Everything was working fine until recently. No plugins have been updated yet, but will once this gets sorted. WordPress was updated, but it was updated AFTER the problem was there in an effort to see if the update fixed it. BUT….the web host did upgrade their PHP to 5.4 and they said they did some security updates to their servers (I’m still trying to get a complete list of everything they did to the servers.) I think that the server changes are what caused the home page to go into complete disarray.

    I’ve narrowed it down to a problem with the rotating slider, but that’s about it. The site should look like the first link below, but with the slider rotating. I have disabled all but the first slide because when I do that the layout stays as it should. You can view it here:

    wine storage of denver correct layout on home page

    I have setup the theme as a sub-doman for testing purposes. You can see that once I activate the other slides that the entire layout has shifted.

    wine storage of denver – home page in disarray

    Can someone please help me? I know and understand a little bit of coding and the person who coded this has disappeared or I would ask him. Any help is greatly welcomed!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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