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  • I think I have narrowed down our Media Import failure and I believe this is a bug introduced in WP 3.5.2.

    Here is the scenerio:
    Import content from blog on server1 to blog on server2. Both WP blogs are part of a multisite network setup. Both running Wp3.5.2. Import fails to import any and all media files and attachments.

    Export/Import media and posts will work on the same server for subsites of a single network. Media import fails when it is trying to import media from another server with a separate IP and DNS address.

    Downgrade to WordPress 3.5.1 and all works as expected. Same server, same plugins, same config files. No issues and full media import.

    All servers in my scenario were ubuntu 12.04.

    I believe one of the security fixes in 3.5.2 kills media import from a separate server.

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  • @kennibc how did proceed to downgrade properly? 3.5.2 is clearly a big problem

    I know it isn’t pretty, but I just downloaded 3.5.1, unzipped, dragged files on top of my existing 3.5.2 site and then ran the upgrade process. It asked me to upgrade each site too so I ran the network update for all sites. It was a HAIL MARY as we had spent many man-hours tracking this issue down. We initially thought it was a firewall or web filtering issue because the symptoms were similar.

    I don’t think I am going to upgrade anytime soon. Something is going on with WP especially with the delays in 3.6. I surely hope they can fix this.

    Obviously next time we will be doing a thorough test before updating.

    Issue still remains – Server to server with different IP’s doesn’t work for media import. Same server media import works.

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