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  • When I first boot up my server my WP works, but once it stops getting used, the WP stops working. The server is still running…other programs work, but wtf?

    Once I restart it, it works again…but not for long.

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  • This is pissin’ me off…

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    More information might enable someone to help you.

    What kind of server? Windows? Linux? Mac?

    What webserver? Apache? IIS?

    When you say “WP stops working”, do you mean the server stops serving pages? Do you get any error messages? Are there any error logs?

    Windows XP running XAMPP

    Server stops serving pages.

    When you say “WP stops working”, do you mean the server stops serving pages?
    Do you get any error messages?
    Are there any error logs?

    I answered that already. The server continues to run, but it just stops serving my wordpress.

    Here’s a scenario:

    I turn it on, visit my blog, then go get a drink in the kitchen. I go to log in to change something, or even refresh the page, and now the page times out, and it’s as if it were never there.

    There are no error logs that I know of.

    in case it’s xamppp’s fault, you may wish to try

    you don’t need to run that from a usb thumb drive.

    this post is entirely speculative, not knowing what your real problem is

    I seriously doubt it’s XAMPP’s fault considering that it’s no more then a thing to automatically lauch Apache2, MySQL, etc.

    I know plenty of people that have problems with xammp. As far as I recall, it has/had a memory leaking issue. I’m not saying this is what’s happening in your case, but without more information, the only advice I can give is to cut your butter with a chainsaw. 🙂

    Ok I’m going to try it later, but I have to go to work soon. I’m downloading, and should have it up late tonight.

    well, good luck with it. If the problem persists under WOS, then we know it’s not your web server software.

    Are there any ways I can transfer all my WP settings to WOS? I don’t want to have to reconfigure all my crap again, and loose my posts…

    well, you can copy the files over. that’s simple enough.

    you have phpmyadmin? (I think it’s in both, not sure). Basically, get in to phpmyadmin with your xammp system, and do a dump of the database (structure and data both). this creates a text file of your wp database (and anything else in there, unless you do it just for specific tables).

    then take the text file that is generated and go to phpmyadmin in WOS and do an sql query by pasting that data in where indicated. it will rebuild your tables and data.

    if you need more specific instructions, let me know. I don’t know your experience level with phpmyadmin/mysql etc.

    -there is a lot of extra info on this page, which I’ll link in case you’re interested.

    Ok I found out other people can see my server aka my webpage.

    The problem is still persistent on my part. I can not see it, but other people can…

    I’ve noticed now, only is it sometimes that I can see it. WTF?

    It workd off and on.

    and, from your machine, can you ping it by that name?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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