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    Hi all!

    I run my little website on a server with litespeed-cache. Nomen est Omen, blazing fast!

    It is a pleasure to try to make it even this fraction of a second faster, and so I enabled server-push for both CSS and JS.

    I also put a link into the htaccess to push a small SVG-image.

    The SVG-image is the only one reported in Chromes Developer Tools (as described here:, and it seems tome that if I include the CSS- and JS-stuff in the htaccess, things become faster. But, if I get it right, this isn’t a cache-aware-solution, is it? Can I do such only with the litespeed-plugin?
    thanks very much!


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello,

    I just check your site and at this point i do not see in the header:


    Did you make changes on your site or the cache plugin is deactivated.

    Dear Tishu
    Thank you for looking into it!
    Well, no, I didn’t change much, especially not anything concerning litespeed-cache. The plugin is active, with pretty much everything enabled.
    The site is (as you probably have seen) a wordpress-site, all up-to-date, the theme is a child-theme of a 2012 premium-theme…

    How would the tag x-litespeed-cache:hit be injected? Can I do it somehow?



    Hello again,

    Not sure what changes you are making but now the cache is hit-ing on your index page. I see in diff topic that you clear your htaccess file. Is that the only change that you make?

    Hello tishu
    Thank you for looking into it.
    I had LSC rewrite the htaccess and made some minor tweaks (added critical css, for instance).
    Beside to that, I only poked around in the theme‘s style.css

    Since my provider runs the server, I can only work on the basic LSC-settings, but not the advanced cache-options…

    Is there something else I should do more?
    Best regards


    Plugin Support LiteSpeed Lisa


    Hi, David.

    This topic is a little old now, so I’m not sure if you’re still looking for information. Are you still seeing the same results with server push? If so, can you share your report number found at LiteSpeed Cache > Report > Send to LiteSpeed?


    Hi Lisa

    Thank you so much for following up. I unfortunately have no idea where to look for the report number—this isn’t from within the wordpress LSC-plugin, isn’t it?

    Anyway, I saw there were many features added with the latest update, but I have to check with my ISP if I can access them. I’d love to improve and have a browser-cache-aware server-push (and the linkes)…



    Plugin Support LiteSpeed Lisa


    Hi, David.

    Yes, it is within the plugin. If you go to LiteSpeed Cache > Report and click the Send to LiteSpeed button, you will get a Report Number that you can share here.


    Plugin Support LiteSpeed Lisa


    Hi, again.

    No need to share your report number at this point. I didn’t really follow your question when you first asked it, but I see what you are looking for now, and I did some research:

    We don’t have any browser-cache-awareness mechanisms built into our server push function at the moment. It’s possible that there may be some browser-level checks in place depending on the browser(s) you use, but there’s nothing like that going on at the LSCache level.

    It’s on our radar now, though, so thank you for sharing the question!

    Dear Lisa

    Thanks for listening! LSC is awesome in it’s performance and completeness!
    Just as a side-question: I discovered a series of new WordPress-plugins, all for performance-issues: the http/2-plugin claims to be browser-aware. Would this/them collide with LSC’s functionality?

    Thank you!

    Plugin Support LiteSpeed Lisa


    I don’t know that specific plugin, but in general, you can use two optimization plugins together at the same time, as long as you don’t try to duplicate the functions.

    For example, if you are using the optimization functions of the http/2 plugin, then you should turn them off in LSCache. And if the http/2 plugin has other features that are duplicates of those in LSCache, you should make sure they are only turned on in one of the plugins.

    There’s more information on that on our wiki.

    Hope this helps!

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