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  • Our host is getting whiny about server processes – I’ve switched a personal site over to 1.5 and really like it, but here we don’t really need to fix something that isn’t broken. If 1.5 uses less server resources we’ll do a switch, if increased functionality would create more overhead it wouldn’t be worth it. If it actually decreases that’d be wonderful.

    Ran some searches in the forum and hopped in IRC – no help there as no one intimate with the source code was on so I mailed photomatt directly (though he said he doesn’t reply to WP support stuff this isn’t a basic config question the average person can help out with). I’m posting here to cover all bases.

    update – only running the Show Category Posts (1.4) and Search Hilite plugins

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  • 1.5 sports a new cache plugin hook that executes near the beginning of WP code vs regular plugins that execute at the end. Now you can cache most of WP’s PHP code saving considerable processing. Ricardo Galli’s WP-Cache uses this hook.

    I have just spoken with photomatt regarding this question and he responded with this:

    <element> is 1.2.1 or 1.5 more efficient with system resources?
    <photomatt> 1.5

    So upgrading to 1.5 will be better for your system

    As an observational annecdote (as opposed to technical knowledge), I’ve found that the way WP 1.5 implements includes *far* faster than regular PHP server side includes (and as a result, I never used includes — e.g., for the header, footer, etc. — in 1.2.2). Seems to be built into WordPress, but I’ll stop there …

    Really a fantastic update.

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