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  • Hi everyone
    I am in the middle of freaking out and would appreciate any help you could give me.
    For over a year I hosted my blog ( on HostGator. then one day they suspended my account because they said that I had plugins that were taking up to many resources on their server. They then unsuspended it so that i could go and disable those plug ins. A few days later they suspended the site again, saying that I was taking up to many system resources.
    BTW I do have the WPCache plug-in installed

    I then moved the site to HostNine. They promised me that they would never suspend my account with out warning me. I’ve been with them since May. Lo and behold today I discover that my site has been suspended. They told me that the abuse admins are not around to tell me exactly what caused the issue and that they are only around monday till friday. But they did say that it looks like there are plug ins that are causing server overload and that I need to delete my wordpress installation. I was like “EXCUSE ME!” I cant delete my wordpress installation, that is the whole backbone of my site. How can they even have the right to suggest that to me?

    Anyway, they unsuspended my account so that i can go in and disable plugins but they said that if I cause issues again, they would go ahead and suspend my account again.
    This is very scary and disgruntling for me. Especially since I dont understand what is causing this problem.
    Will getting a dedicated server solve this problem? I searched through the wordpress forums and saw that someone had a similar problem with Lunarpages even though they were on a dedicated server.

    Anyway, any advise is GREATLY appreciated

    Thank you!

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  • The other thing I forgot to mention is you by the hour that means you could set up a server test it out for a few days by redirecting the dns. (Keep your old account)

    If it doesn’t work out for you just redirect your dns back to your old server and shut down your amazon server.

    Thanks for your help honewatson, I am reading and loos like Amazon S3 is just for US and Europe 🙁
    I am from Argentina

    Are you sure? I’m from Australia. Anyway I know of a guy who does mysql optimization which you could talk to.

    I just saw that I can contract it 🙂
    Can you please give me the contact of that guy? and who did a server optimization for you?

    I signed up at amazaon’s servers but I will need someone to install it, can you please help me to find someone? Thanks!

Viewing 5 replies - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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