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    When I try to access my blog ( I get a Sever Not Found error (no error number). My blog is self hosted through BlueHost. I called them but they say everything is fine and they can see everything from their end. At first it was just when accessing the backend, but now I can’t see the public frontend view either.

    My regular browser is Firefox. It does the same thing on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and all browsers on 3 different computers.

    They say it must be the internet connection but my internet connection is fine. I have no problems anywhere else on the internet with mine or any other computer.

    I was advised to do a traceroute test by BlueHost (see permalink below), but I have no idea how to interpret the results. I assume all the “no responses” are bad, but I don’t know how to fix them.

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    but now I can’t see the public frontend view either.

    You site opens fine for me in FireFox 🙂

    If you still have problem at your end, try:
    Flushing any caching plugins you might be running, as well as server and/or browser caches. Not just your browser, but any op cache or content network cache as well such as Cloudflare. If you are using SiteLock, manage your caching there.
    Flushing Managed host caches. Managed WP hosting often has special caches. If your host has a “Purge Varnish” or “Flush Memcache” tool, try that. You can ask your provider to flush memcache and Varnish for you if necessary.



    Well, it looks like it had something to do with the local network. Nothing looked wrong with it, but I reset the whole thing twice and now it seems to be working. It may also have something to do with us being out in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. The internet can get pretty sketchy out here sometimes. Oh well, problem solved for the moment, I will file these suggestions away for if it does it again though. Thanks!

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    Glad to know it 🙂

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