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  • Heyo,

    So I was given the task of running the website for my university club (, with zero information.

    I had it up and running for a while, but now the server crashed.
    I assumed that the server side was part of the WordPress service, since there was no documentation from my club of ever having payed for being hosted.

    I can still access the dashboard and fool around with things, but that’s all.

    In short, all that comes up is a Sever not Found message, and I have no idea why. If anyone could help, I’D LOVE YA FOREVER.

    Seriously though, I’ve spent 6 weeks looking though this form and nothing’s helped!

    Thanks so much,


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  • esmi


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    You need to check when that domain name was last renewed. I suspect it has lapsed.

    Nope, it’s renewed until August 31st 2013.

    It is telling me that there is a problem with DNS, saying that it needs to be updated. But we’ve never done anything with that.




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    That could mean it has expired. If you do a “whois” on that domain name — it says it is available — another sign that it has expired:

    Perhaps the renewal got messed up? Or maybe the domain name you posted above is not the right one?

    Nope I just double checked.

    Our recites are all good. I think something got fudged on their end…

    Still down…

    I wish wordpress would fix this…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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