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  • On a rather popular site the host is asking us to investigate constant tmp writes that is increasing load on the server often. General my.cnf, php.ini (changing memory value, max packet value, etc.) have made little difference. Any ideas on how to manage/decrease these? Thanks


    Copying to tmp table | SELECT p.ID AS ‘id’, p.post_title AS ‘title’, p.post_date AS ‘date’, p.post_author AS ‘uid’ , ( IFNULL(v.pageviews, 0)/(IF ( DATEDIFF(‘2013-01-13 10:45:53’, MIN( > 0, DATEDIFF(‘2013-01-13 10:45:53’, MIN(, 1) )) AS ‘avg_views’ FROM ******_posts p LEFT JOIN (SELECT id, SUM(pageviews) AS ‘pageviews’, day FROM (SELECT id, pageviews, day FROM ******_popularpostsdatacache WHERE day > DATE_SUB(‘2013-01-13 10:45:53’, INTERVAL 1 WEEK) ORDER BY day) sv GROUP BY id) v ON p.ID = WHERE p.post_status = ‘publish’ AND p.post_password = ” AND p.post_type IN(‘post’,’page’) GROUP BY p.ID HAVING avg_views > 0.0000 ORDER BY avg_views DESC LIMIT 5 |

    Using latest version

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  • We’re experiencing the same problem and I’ve posted here. Hopefully we hear back about some possible solutions or a fix soon!

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