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  • Hi guys,
    I just set up forum on wordpress and set up a lot of plug ins to act as forum abilities including:

    -User Chat
    -User Photo
    -New User Email Setup (to offer a freebie in the sign up message.)
    -Wp Custom Logo Login
    -And A Hack to make the bio info work as the forum sig (with HTML.)

    Heres some questions I have:

    1.How can I intergrade the User Chat plugin into a box above the main forum area. (I know how to add things above the forum, I just need a code to show “Private message: 5” for eg. and a link to the private message area.)

    2.How can I add the Points system (Cube Points plug-in) under the user photo in the forum section. (this would be inside the plug-in and would again be html code to get the amount of points that user has, not just the signed in user but the other users as well.) Also How would I add a link saying”give points” or “donate points” to take them to the donate to user part of the cubepoints plugin in the wordpress dashboard?

    3.How can I change the name of “biographical info” in the user settings to “signature” for eg. and would it be posible to make it so the users can add an image signature using [IMG] and [/IMG] if so how?

    There’s quite a lot but hope you can help!

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    I have picked up the project and cleaned up a TON of bugs. Enjoy!

    Nice try cartpaulj. ForumServer 1.5 has been released and has fixed all outstanding issues, including all incompatibilities with other plugins.

    == Changelog ==
    = 1.5 =
    * Fixed bug: Incompatibility with FireStats plugin and possibly certain other plugins, the bug also could cause a lot of database errors
    * Fixed bug: Duplicating topics due to plugin incompatibility with certain plugins
    * Fixed bug: No post body inside the topic due to plugin incompatibility with certain plugins
    * Fixed bug: BBCode content inside e-mail notifications
    * Fixed bug: Closing a topic didn’t work as expected
    * Fixed bug: sending e-mail notifications of your own replies when subscribed on topic
    * Fixed bug: When subscribing to replies on topic, a blank screen was showing up
    * “Unmake sticky” renamed to “Unstick” (for sticky topics)
    * Fixed bug: Unstick function now works
    * Fixed bug: search system now works
    * Improved search system, now it searches in topic titles and can search in both titles and content
    * Fixed bug: Email notifications were not sent in some cases
    * New placeholder for inserting forum into WordPress page: [forumServer] can be used instead of <!–VASTHTML–>

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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