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    I’ve been using wordpress for quite some time and know my way around pretty well.
    However, I have an onngoing issue with a new VPS that I have recently purchased.
    Ever since I installed the VPS and switched some of my sites over to it, as well as new sites, I get regular errors in relation to file permissions for some folders not being writable. I’m quite knowledgable with WP but servers and settings I’m limited with – need a server guru to help me please… running php 5.3 on linux VPS from

    One very recent example is a new site I’m building. I’ve just installed connections ( and instantly get the ‘file permissions’ error. – see for the domain I’m working with. live site. bad way to do it, but new domain. not indexed yet.

    Help very much appreciated.


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  • noone knows about servers here? surely there must be someone who can help?


    If you’ve chosen a hosting service with some experience in supporting WordPress, their support staff may be able to track this down much more easily than we.

    There are dozens of different server configurations out there. Since we’ve got no insight as to what your file system permissions look like or how the web server processes are set up to run (as the user that owns your files? as a different user?) I don’t think there’s much useful that we can say. Your host support team, though, should have direct access to that information so providing them with the text of a specific error message (probably more than “the ‘file permissions’ error”) may give them the info they need to help you.

    Best wishes.

    Thanks for your honest and to the point reply!
    Its the same error each time ‘the file/folder was not writable’ – it often relates in installing plugins, where the plugin needs to generate its own file within an existing parent folder on the wp-content folders.
    And the error appears on installation – ‘xxx is not writable so cannot create the requested file’

    Its not a specific problem to domain or installation as its across lots of domains on the same server.

    I guess I’ll just contact my host & see if they can help

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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