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    Late last week my webhost’s server failed, and all they could recover was my WordPress database. Yes, I am kicking myself for not having backups of the website myself, it was a service they offered with their hosting that they failed to actually provide. This point aside…

    I switched to a new host, my domain name already resolves to the new server. There are a few problems. Firstly, I was using version 3.5.0, and the new server has 3.5.1. I’m not sure how many problems that creates, but it’s wonky and *not right.* The theme I used allowed custom menus, and the menu itself is not complete, which tells me something got off track somewhere. I did try to see if there was a way to download the previous version of WP and if there is, I cannot find it.

    Secondly, although I found a ton of information on exporting my database through phpmyadmin, I’m still not sure I did it correctly as all the tutorials and information looked to be from a different (older?) version than what my host provides.

    I absolutely have to have this database, as this is for an online store with over 1,100 items, something that can’t be easily (or quickly) reproduced from scratch. I’m aware I’ll have to reupload all images again – that’s fine, I just really need the text and categories there. The shopping cart is WP E-Commerce if that helps any.

    The wp-config points to the older database and the correct user. The siteurl and home are correct. The site itself *sort of* works, insofar as there is a homepage. None of my other pages show up, nor do any links work.

    So, in conclusion, I’m not sure if I even exported it correctly, or if it’s possible with the slight difference in versions if it’s even possible. It seems like a huge problem but I would really appreciate any help in getting my site back on its wobbly feet! is the URL.

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    You have a whole lot of jQuery errors in the theme; it may not be 3.5.1 compatible; use Firebug with Firefox, or use the developer tools in Chrome or Safari or IE to see what javascript is loading on your site and any errors.

    And sorry, but you’re using a premium/paid theme. It’s best to go to the support site where you bought the theme for help with customizations and issues. These forums are for themes available in the WordPress theme directory at

    Well, I could have switched it back to a free theme and I’d still have the same problems. The issue I was concerned with was the exporting and importing of a potentially incompatible WP database from version to version, not with the theme.

    However, I’ve been working on it the whole night and I think I broke it back into working… just when my head was going to explode… poof… now I just have to reupload about 3,000 images one by one and I think I’m all set!!

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    The database version didn’t change between 3.5 and 3.5.1:

    Release archive is here:

    Most/all your missing images will be in wp-content/uploads, but if the old host can’t give you that, they will need to be replaced.

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