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    On the WP panel for one of my webskites using CleanTalk, the antispam stats for the past seven days didn’t show. Instead of that, I found the error message:

    Something went wrong! Error: “SERVER_ERROR NO: 10 MSG: Calls limit exceeded, method name get_antispam_report_breif().”

    Refreshing solved the issue, but I am curious to know what the issue was, and how I could have prevented it?

    Thank you.

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    Hello, @nuithon.

    The method “get_antispam_report_breif()” has a limit of calls. That means when you often press the buttons “Save Changes” or “Synchronize” the limit could be exceeded.

    It is designed to work like that and everything seems to be fine.

    Please, synchronize the data less frequently.

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    Hello Serge,

    Thank you for the explanation.

    That’s strange since I didn’t change anything on that site for the past four weeks. But maybe some plugin is synchronizing without my knowledge.

    Best wishes for your excellent and reliable tool.

    Plugin Support SergeM


    You are welcome!
    Contact us anytime.
    All the best.

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