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    Hello Elementor Team,

    First of all, thank you so much for making this awesome plugin for us 🙂

    Actually, I am facing a problem while creating a page on my client’s website, I have almost completed the page but I am just one section away from completing the page, at this situation when I add one more section and hit the update button it’s showing Server Error (404 Not Found).

    I couldn’t find any resource on your knowledge base thus I am asking for your help over here.

    Kindly help me out resolving this issue asap.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Kar


    I have this same error. If I change the permalinks to plain the error changes to 403.

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    Hello Kar,

    I had also tried to change the permalinks but even after that was facing the same issue.

    I don’t know what hosting company you’re using but my client is using GoDaddy and before even posting my support request here I contacted with the GoDaddy support team and ask them to resolve my issue after going through these support articles by Elementor;

    But they’re saying that this problem is not occurring from their side and I should contact the Elementor team and as they are sure that this is something that the only elementor could solve.

    Now I’m just hoping to get the proper solution from the team Elementor to fix this issue permanently as they are my last hope in this situation.

    I have this same error. If you could solve the problem, how can you share here?

    I have same error. how to solve this?

    This problem is a problem with GoDaddy! If you are using GoDaddy it’s probably related to him. I’ve learned from a lot of research that the problem originated here. If you use a different service provider, you will probably not encounter this problem.

    I use A2 Hosting and have the problem 404… But it only happens when i duplicate a section :/ miserable

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    Hi I have the same error 404 when i put a text or a button or a media file with a link with a document PDF extension! PDF link block the SAVE ACTION On Elementor Pro! (the document pdf can be on same server or an other web server by the way!) the same test with a .docx document No problem!!


    Hi, please see the various possible solutions for 404 errors at

    Please see the various possible solutions for 403 errors at (This is the relevant part of this doc: “This can be due to a security plugin such as WordFence. To sort this out, activate the learning mode of this plugin or contact their support. This issue can also be due to the firewall of your server so this has to be checked with your hosting company.”

    Same issue here. Followed the solutions above and nothing worked.

    Hi there, facing the same issue. Though i’ve realized where the issue arises but I need to have those ‘order now’ buttons. If i’ll remove the buttons, the page will update just fine. But the buttons need to be there as it’s a restaurant site and online order is needed.
    I’ve tried all the above solutions and a few more but the error still remains. Would be great if anyone could come up with a solution.

    It would be great if everyone would create their own support posts, since even though you may all share the same error, you may not share the same solution.

    @owaisehmed are those buttons a copy/paste script or something from another plugin? More info would be needed to help.

    Yes the code for buttons was generated by another app. In the beginning everything was going just fine until 2 days ago this error popped up. You can check the buttons at “”. The buttons would be labelled as “Order Now”.

    It’s impossible to say how those button scripts may affect the editor. Maybe just increasing your PHP memory will help. Or any of the other suggestions at .


    My issue has been resolved. All I needed to do was just increase the WP Memory limit. Though ModSecurity had been preventing a few things but that wasn’t an issue. Please consult this link. Might help you out too.

    When you use Elementor, you should setup your WP Memory at least 128MB or more. Also ModSecurity has some conflict with Elementor.
    Disable ModSecurity from cPanel > ModSecurity and It will works fine!

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