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  • So, the server my blog is on crashed over the weekend. They were able to restore a backup but it was from 3 weeks ago. We post daily on my blog so that means over 20 lost posts. I was able to manually re-enter each missing post, preserving the correct dates and permalink slugs. However, on a few of them, the comments are mapped to the wrong posts. The shortlinks for a lot of the posts are different than what they were pre-crash which is what I’m guessing is causing the problem. Is there any way to link the comments to different posts, or change the shortlink ID for the posts?

    I should mention that I primarily use Disqus for comments, but I could not find a solution through them, so I backed up/exported all the disqus comments into WordPress’s comments, hoping there would be some way to restore them that way, then re-import them to Disqus.


    (the website is

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