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  • Hi,

    I realy loved your plugin, but… our server constantly crashes. Mostly when we posted a lot of articles after another…
    Our first thought was that it was a bug in adding a post…. but after months of searching our provider added a monitoring system. today we had a realy heavy lead because of a hot item. Because of that we found that a “Select Sum Click” was the problem.
    It seems that your script has some major bugs that gets servers to crash when a banner has many clicks already or something like that.

    Any thoughts about this and do you think that you can provide a solution soon or should i look for another script to present my banners?

    Many thanks for your reply


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  • Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    I don’t know what you mean with “select sum click”. Can you tell me more?
    With so little and such unspecific claims I can’t do or say much useful of course.

    But my thought is that if this was an actual bug in AdRotate others would report similar issues. Which isn’t the case.

    That said, if you find something more concrete please write your findings to and we’ll figure it out.

    We’re having the same issues on our sites. I was able to speed up pages in which the ads were on by disabling logging and emptying its table (from 30-60 seconds load time to 1-4 seconds). But it still is causing issues and I’ve temporarily told our httpd to restart every six hours in order to not have it crash (I definitely would not recommend this is as a permanent fix for anyone else experiencing the same).

    For the plugin author, I can only tell you that the issue we’re experiencing is related to AdRotate (when disabled, the issues no longer occur, and when set as the only plugin enabled, the issues occur). I can hand over additional information that would help you out, but I haven’t done a full audit on the plugin so you’ll need to tell me what you need.

    Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    @mjhale The OP didn’t specify his problem. There is no way of telling what goes wrong for him. Since he didn’t post back I guess he found the problem elsewhere.

    Since it works fine for thousands of sites I’m going to assume your hosting plan is insufficient to run your site.
    Increase or remove the MySQL connection Limit. Increase server Ram. Perhaps even a CPU cap if it’s something stupid low. Maybe you have tons of plugins active that together slow down your server and AdRotate happens to be the final straw to actually make a notably difference.

    All common occurences on cheap hosting or poor server setups. Which for shared hosting, unfortunately, is all too common.

    So again, if you find something more concrete please write to

    Your plugin’s latest version has totally fucked-up my admin panel!! Can’t access anymore to WP admin page after upgrading adRotate to latest version!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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