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    Nice to meet you. Please read this thread carefully, preferably by reading it several times.

    We want to guarantee trouble-free operation of the plugin, which is why a mechanism has been implemented in it that checks the operation of your server for possible problems. If such an error is found, you will receive an appropriate error message labeled “Server configuration error”. This is not a plugin issue, but a server configuration error detected by the plugin.

    The error message describes exactly what the problem is. It may not be understandable to non-technical people, but there is no easier way to write it off. The server administrator is responsible for your server. Contact him and give him the information as shown in the error message. The administrator of your server should help you.

    The problem is not in the plugin, but the server does not meet the plugin requirements. It is impossible to disable or hide detected errors. The plugin correctly detects errors – it has been tested many times. Until you meet the technical requirements of the plugin, you cannot use it. Images conversion and plugin operation will be blocked.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to help you with your server configuration. Each server is different and has a different configuration. There can be many reasons for a plugin detecting a given problem. For our part, we do everything we can – we detect potential problems and describe what it is all about. That is all the information we known and all we can say about it. You and your server administrator should fix this error.

    If you have an error related to the server configuration and you manage to fix it, please create a new topic on the technical support forum and describe how you managed to do it. This may be a clue for others. We will be grateful to you for that.

    But if you have such a problem and you do not know what you have to do is please not assuming another thread of this type. Despite the most sincere intentions, we are not able to help you. It is your server administrator who should help you. Unfortunately, we know from experience that they often do not have the knowledge or motivation to do so. However, we cannot do anything about it.

    Please also see our support policy. There you will find additional information. Also remember that there is a lot of valuable information in the plugin FAQ. There you will find technical requirements of plugin and configuration for Apache and Nginx. This thread and the plugin FAQ is all the information we have for you when your problem is related to an error labeled “Server configuration error”.

    Please understand – we try to create the best plugin, but we are not able to configure the server for every user. We did what we can – the rest is on your side. If the problem was in the plugin, all users would have a problem, right?

    Finally, we ask for your understanding. It is not our fault that your server does not meet the technical requirements of our plugin. We try to help you as much as we can, but we count on cooperation.

    Please appreciate our work and follow the recommendations described above. We will be very grateful for that.

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