• Ahaenor



    and, first of all, let me thank you for such an interesting plugin.

    We’re considering to use for a map-based project, but we’ve come to several technical questions.

    1. We’ll be having relatively many markers on our map – hundreds of them constantly (max. ~3000 expected). That would, no doubt, require marker clusterization.

    If Leaflet uses client-side clustering, it won’t be enough. So, is server clusterization supported?

    2. How do markers queried before passing them to the map? Is it current viewport-based query, or all of the markers selected without considering their coordinates?

    3. Is clustering available only for Pro-version?

    Thank you in advance.


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  • Plugin Author RobertHarm


    only client side clustering will be supported on pro version (only) . As far as I understand the clustering plugin, 3000 markers shouldn’t have any performance issues.
    ad 2: currently all markers for the map in question will be loaded – a limitation to the current viewport is planned for a later pro version



    Ok, thanks again.

    I think i’m gonna try and test the plugin for the case of such marker numbers. Do you interested in the results of such testing?

    Plugin Author RobertHarm


    yes, I am always interested in how my plugin is used and how it can be improved 😉

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