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    Hi all and thank you in advance for spent your time reading these lines.

    A couple of months ago I installed a new server in my office – Ubuntu 12.04 exactly – and installed LAMP to host a wordpress site.

    Since the beggining I had problems with the connection to wordpress. I can’t download plugins or themes (neither even see the directory with them). I downloaded them with the browser and move to the right path to the folder. I thought it was because the server only worked in the intranet but a couple of hours ago I added a domain name and is already online.

    My problem is not the fact that I can’t download more plugins through the admin panel… I want to use the jetpack and it fail also because of the:
    *Jetpack could not contact register_http_request_failed. This usually means something is incorrectly configured on your web host. connect() timed out!*

    I already activate the twenty eleven theme, deactivate all the plugins as I read before in this forum. Any idea of what is happening to me? Any error in my configuration?

    I can change whatever you can imagine, the web server is in this room!

    As I said before, thank you in advance.


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  • esmi


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    This issue is commonly caused by a failure to compile PHP with cUrl.

    I just checked if cUrl is enabled and it is working.

    But searching about the cUrl’s problems I reach something about configure the proxy in the wp-config.php and adding these lines with my proxy information it’s solved:

    define(‘WP_PROXY_HOST’, ‘’);
    define(‘WP_PROXY_PORT’, ‘8080’);

    Thank you for the clue 😀


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