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  • Hi,

    I installed “Sermon Browser” on a WP which had its own folder and sermons were uploaded to (eg) /public_html/OLD/wp-content/uploads/sermons and all worked fine

    I then created a new WP installation for the same site (with a different theme etc) under a different folder (/public_html/NEW/wp-content/ … ) and reinstalled “Sermon Browser” plugin. I then imported the old database from the original site, and copied over the contents of /public_html/OLD/wp-content/uploads/sermons to /public_html/NEW/wp-content/uploads/sermons.

    Once the new site is live, I now find that all sermon mp3s on the new site are being pulled from the /OLD/ folder and any new ones are being uploaded into the /OLD/ folder too. How can I tell “Sermon Browser” to use the mp3s in /public_html/NEW/wp-content/uploads/sermons and upload new ones into that folder too?



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  • Sal,

    I’d be really surprised if you don’t eventually find lots of stuff is not behaving as you expected. This is because most configs are in the database, which you reused. I’m at work and unable to examine my Sermon Browser installation from here. But I’d recommend editing your MySQL dump file to replace all instances of the old path with the new path. If you’re a Linux user, this is an easy change using “sed -i …” (it makes the changes “in place”). Be sure to make a backup copy first. Once the edits are done, import the modified database.


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    Thanks, Jack. I’ll give that a whizz. 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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