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  • There is an error in the code so that the sermon browser tag cloud does not appear correctly – the font sizes are whacked out and not correct (the tags used the most are smaller than the tags used the least). To fix, do this:

    LN 585
    if ($cur < $mincnt) $minct = $cur;

    needs to change to:
    if ($cur < $mincnt) $mincnt = $cur;

    I also highly recommend putting the list in alpha order. It is currently in order of the amount of times the tag is used so the fonts will be grouped together in similar size making it look funny.

    To do this, change LN 573 in frontend.php

    $rawtags = $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT name FROM {$wpdb->prefix}sb_tags as t RIGHT JOIN {$wpdb->prefix}sb_sermons_tags as st ON = st.tag_id”);

    change to:

    $rawtags = $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT name FROM {$wpdb->prefix}sb_tags as t RIGHT JOIN {$wpdb->prefix}sb_sermons_tags as st ON = st.tag_id ORDER BY name ASC”);

    and LN 591:


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