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  1. Zoed
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi. I am a wordpress user for 3 years. Until now i did not have any problems, but now... well... u will see.

    I am using a free server (extra.hu) for 2 years. As I know it inserts this script:
    <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="http://www.extra.hu/lib/webmaster/webmaster.js?scr=1&username=zoed&host=zoed.extra.hu&rid=373654595"></script>

    I was not a problem with the old versions. But what is the problem? Here is my report with images.

    After I setup the new (2.6) version and I log in as admin, the dashbord (index.php) loads for a secound, and after that I recive a blank page.


    and after image

    I tried to upload photos, but it also faild.
    I selected the image

    and this failure report:

    i found it in the gallery

    but i could not insert

    I checked the path:

    3. PUBLISH
    After I "created" my post, I can not publish
    While I was writing I found this link
    at the bottom of the image, you will find the link: wp-admini/<body><script...

    after I press publish

    error, again:

    but in the MANAGE I found the post

    and from here I could publish

    So, these are my problems with the new wp.

    I hope, someone can help me. Now I use old versions... it is not as pretty but at least it works.

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