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  • First timer for everything. In other words, I have no idea what a root is if it isn’t on the bottom of a plant.

    K? I just did the one click deal through Bluehost earlier tonight with Fantsitco and apparently it’s an old version. I have tried to understand the three step upgrade process but do not. In short, I am a moron. I don’t even know where the stuff I installed is on my cPanel.

    I don’t know if I should back up anything because I haven’t done anything yet. I can download the new version to my desktop but that’s about it. I have a ton to learn.

    Can anyone help? Is there a version of the instructions for absolute beginners who do not understand the terminology or geography or much else?

    I do know how to bake things and send them and I have a monkey puppet that will thank you personally in video when I get his site set up. Will that do as a trade? I also have candy. OBO. 😀

    Hoping to be able to thank someone profusely,


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  • hanni


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    Ok! What’s your blog URL? I can walk you through this 🙂

    If you like, there is a video tutorial open to guests here.



    Thanks macsoft3 but I have to take a pass on the video tutorial for now.

    Hanni, the blog URL is:

    I know it’s been two days nd I am sorry it has taken me so long. I think it’s a Saturday too so I’m guessing people have things to do and are out and about. I will come later.

    Perhaps if I search the forums more I will find something. There seems to be a bunch of people like myself asking questions. Maybe I can find something there.

    But in any event I want to thank you both for responding.



    After reading about a tiny bit I came back to try the video tutorial. I followed directions there and signed in the way I was directed and then couldn’t find the vid and came back for the link and then it seemed to be playing except there was no picture or sound. Just a white screen and then everything on my computer got a ton slower.

    It’s over now and still some things are moving very slowly. Gonna restart and come back and page through the forums again. I probably did something wrong.



    Sorry. Something went wrong when I uploaded a revised copy. It’s now there.



    You are too sweet macsoft3! Thank you!

    I didn’t end up needing it though. I started over and used Simple Scripts instead of Fantastico at my cPanel to do it and it had the 2.6 available already.

    Still, thank you so much or the effort. It is calming and reassuring to realize how helpful people are here. It was very kind of you.

    I guess this can be marked as resolved now.

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