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  • I don’t care what you say in the other reviews “it was the original purpose of the plugin”…bull. I bought one of your plugins before for one of my clients, and in that one, we had to pay to GET the paypal feature on it. And now? we dont need the paypal feature for one of your products, yet you are going to make us pay to not have it.
    This plugin was pretty much perfect, and honestly you would have had me sold on having to pay to access custom forms and using it as a widget. I was about 5 minutes away from clicking the “buy” button your premium version, until I looked closer and realized you’re actually making people pay to remove something that makes the form useless if they don’t want their users to have to pay to book.
    Making people pay for extra features = acceptable.
    Making people pay to remove “features” that render the form useless unless otherwise paid for = low and incredibly cheap and honestly should not be allowed on the wordpress free plugins area.

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  • EDIT:
    I apologize for this poor review. I made it during a stressful time, and just started typing before I fully thought it through. I would have simply just deleted this review, but i cannot seem to find a delete or edit button on it. I should not have made a rant based on “principle” and I realize that you guys need to bring in revenue, and to expect it to work perfectly as a “free” version is a tad unreasonable on my part. In a perfect world, I bet you guys could to it for free, but I know that everybody’s got to keep the lights on somehow.

    To all who happen to read this:
    This plugin does do well for a free version, but i would definitely suggest getting the premium version. In all honesty, I seriously was going to buy the plugin before…It just so happens that I decided to go off on the above, immature rant instead.

    I will attempt to get hold of a mod to either allow me to edit, or remove the above review completely.

    Again, I apologize for the unprofessional and immature rant. I wish you guys the best in your plugin developments

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