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  • I just confirmed again why I don’t use WordPress. I would love to, but is lacking in some very basic built-in functionality that is found in most content managements systems. If I am in error, please point it out and post links to plugins(free/paid – I don’t care) that will achieve what I need.

    1. Media Manager is horrid. I can’t believe that this is still lacking basic features such as creating folders/categories which would allow me to upload into them and allow me to EASILY link to them from within a post or a page.

    2. EASILY linking to other posts/pages/categories within the editor itself. TinyMCE is okay, but lacks this functionality as well.

    I have been using Joomla and have to say that I am spoiled. The FREE JCE Editor can do all of this right out of the box.

    Oh, I did find comments like mine which I must say the moderator sounded a bit full of himself stating that there is no need for this and doubts that it will ever be implemented… please….!

    Please point out the error in my ways and talk me into using WordPress over Joomla.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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