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    Hello, I’m just starting using wordpress and using the theme Minimalist 1. Everything was fine till I added the TEXT widget (from admin) to my left sidebar. Here are the problems:

    1. It pushes the content down so the top of the content is just under the length of the sidebar, basically a big empty block over the content.

    2. When I tried to remove the widget from the admin, it’s not going. I tried to click Remove, but it went on a loop (a circle moving next to the Save button) forever. Then I dragged it back to the left and click “deactivate” and then move it down to the Inactive Widgets section. It seems to be gone. But when the page is refreshed, it’s still there and I can’t add any more widgets any more. This text widget just gets stuck there. (It’s not shown on the site but the content alignment problem is still not solved.)

    I’ve searched all over and found other people seem to have similar problems, but no answer has been posted. So I’m here trying again and hope my explaination is clear.

    Thank you a bunch for helping out!

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  • Do you have an URL?

    What did you put in the text widget?


    Thanks for reply! My site is here. I put my amazon widget html in the text widget, but now it’s removed. But the damage is irreversible.

    Any help would be appreciated and educational to others. Thanks!

    You site looks alright to me (several different browsers) in that the content is not crammed down below the sidebar. Content is pushed too far to the right in my opinion. Maybe you need to clear your browser cache?

    You mean deleting internet temporary files? That I do regularly. It doesn’t change anything. (It’s interesting though it looks ok to you. What’s wrong with my browser?)

    Here is the screen capture of my site’s home page:

    The yellow highlighted space is the space I’m talking about and where the text should and used to be.

    Really appreciate your help!

    I checked out your site. Mine is doing the same thing. Would you post what you did to correct your problem. Thank you in advance for your time.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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