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    trying to create a LAST POSTS sliders -> no images show up
    trying to create a STATIC POST, selecting “Show Posts From:” <<category>> the plugin populate a random posts that are not from this category, again no images show up

    the description that shows up is html code…..

    i can use it with no problems when i use ADD IMAGE SLIDE

    which is an option already available for the free version.

    should i ask for a refund?

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  • i also filled a support ticket on your website

    Hello @aircut
    Please make sure your posts have FEATURED IMAGE. This is important,and also may we take a look at your site link with the slider to understand other problems.

    if you have contacted us by email we will also solve the issue there

    yes, every post HAS a featured image.

    Hi @aircut
    May we kindly ask you please send a message to we will try to understand and resolve the problem then pot the results here

    Thank you

    i have already filled a support ticket on your website with a detailed explanation of the issue with screen capture, at this stage, i have no more time to chase a solution, its not working and i am only interested in a full refund. Invoice ID: 106072959318…
    please issue a refund.

    Dear @aircut I have foudn your ticket it was under the name ‘eyal aspler’

    Our whole team apologize for the inconveniences, when I have checked our conversation here what I have noticed The gmail delivery system didn’t send our email. This notification usually comes a bit later than we send the message so we may miss it.

    Maybe there is something not accepted in your email address domain, so we will appreciate if you contact us from another email address and we could help you. We really don’t want you to be disappointed in the plugin because of such minor and not depending from us problem.

    Thank you for understanding

    i am afraid that i did not keep the screen captures with the fatal errors, i dont have a copy of my email because it was submitted to your system using my gmail account…i cant start working with you debugging your product, it cost me too much in time already. the order id Invoice ID: 106072959318… please issue a refund. your plugin doesn’t work and so is your support system.

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    Dear @aircut we don’t ask a debugging work from you, we want to help you, but for that fist you should reach us. As your email doesn’t allow us to answer please use another email, or we have a live chat here on and also a Facebook page Please contact us and once you do it, our developers will fix the problem you have and make you happy with the product you purchased.

    i have uninstalled your script. it dispalyed HTML code insted of descriptions and refused to populate the stack of images with existed post/images. I did all I could to reach you through your site with a valid email address and also carrying a public discussion about it. I have no wishes at this time to feel better with your product I purchased and it failed to deliver. you are polite but you should admit that I don’t need to spend a week to be able to get in touch with you. I have no wish to use your product not spend more time on the issue. can you just hit the refund button and save us both the time and effort….

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 1 month ago by  Aircut.

    Dear @aircut we really try to make contacting us ways most easiest, no registration and several contact us ability. One is the contact us page, the other is a direct email, then a livechat, facebook, twitter, G+ and even youtube. So everywhere you may contact us. If the gmail has blocked your address this is really not our company issue, this is a mailing system server decided to do so. That’s why i kindly asked to contact us from other email or another contact methods that we provide. While your issue is very site-specific and our other users don’t have the same thing, we wanted to make a support for you personally.
    Still we hope you will contact us and we help you in a very hort time

    please issue a refund. i am not using your plugin, deleted it from our server and found already a working alternative. yours did not work and unfortunately we could not find a timely manner way to solve it. i have really no time to install, screen capture and write you again all the issues for something is unusable for us. i am also not sure why we are having such a long conversation on $15. refund please if you have integrity and customer support oriented. keep the money and its your karma

    Dear @aircut
    1) We are not sure about discussing this issue under the forum page and let me mention kindly that the issue is connected with the Professional version of the plugin only and we’d recommend to keep the discussion via email, which we do read and respond on time.

    2) These are the points or rather choices you shall meet in order to help us to cooperate in the mission to solve any issue on your website. It is pretty normal and quite standard process in the community.
    Let us know how you wish things to progress. So that
    A. we could detect the issue
    B. Have a time period to access the website in order to fix the issue during 24 hours
    C. Be back to you either with a refund if not

    3) Even if we make a refund to you HOW we can do it if you DON’T contact us? In above messages I mentioned how you can reach us alternative way, you SHOULD contact us to send your banking order number

    here is the issue. i have not sent you an email. i used your ticket submission form on your website including a screen capture and a detailed explanation. you should have got it. you keep blaming my email as being wrong. so how did you got my paypal payment for order id Invoice ID: 106072959318…?

    i do not wish to use your product. i do not wish to spend more time talking in circles. the pro version did not work, i would never let you access my server, i have sent you a detailed support ticket, you lost it…. simple as that… i found a better solution then the buggy script you are providing. check Invoice ID: 106072959318…, you will find my full name, email address, phone number and date of birth. now just locate on your support site my ticket, which i have submitted through a minute after i started this thread a bug details, a polite request for assistance accompanied by screen captures to help you understand the issue.

    after two days, of no response, i have deleted the plugin and found an working alternative solution. i have no time nor desire to reinstall the plugin, and generate the errors… some of them were already mentioned here… so its not me refusing to send you my contacts. you have everything you need to behave in an ethical manner.
    hint…..Invoice ID: 106072959318

    I know and we received your ticket with screenshot. You tried to add css in the description while we say that description allows to have only HTML no css
    So again we received you message but couldn’t answer to you. I know this is not your failure but it is not ours as well, so that’s why i kindly explained the situation to you by asking to contact us from another email address.

    in any case we have made your refund.

    Good Luck to you

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