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  • My host ran into some huge problems today causing them to have to restart my VPS, in the course of which they somehow lost all the data in one of my wordpress installations. They reset my cpanel account mappings and then wordpress prompted me to recover my database. I added the “define(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);” to my config like it suggested and then on recovery it told me to post this on the wordpress forums for help:

    wp_usermeta: Wrong bytesec: 51-58-34 at linkstart: 6144
    wp_posts: 1 client is using or hasn’t closed the table properly
    wp_options: Table is marked as crashed
    wp_postmeta: 1 client is using or hasn’t closed the table properly

    Is all my content gone? When I try and go to a page or single post I get crazy shit:
    �PNG IHDR�*��!PLTE�����������\��@�������|Z tIDATx���;s��pei+�3��n��N���$_�?wg��)\�i�ʩ\ʷS罥>�p@�H���d��=#�)�GG�)Rd�!�� ��@�\��Z��d����������Pnj6@��e�0�9����Y�1i�)��<'ͷk��m�A��P���y=rrc~ra_�zQ�����5���U�4cnn&�Hl���j2��� 5F�k*�@Uo�&t/�Hڮ�PN{Es�@~sv�@��܈�jG�1�����|�Q䦹��9���{^!�7n�5�,g0ɛ��{��.��/DpF����l3�������N��Ů��ջ��;���OЍN������q�������� >��p�tG�� ���Eq��9����N�_w�ʠ��⋮����$;VX�D{~*�o'+�1��l����ž>�k�ؗ Y����}���=��(˲���k��=BR�?���@�D��C�N�2��Jh�>M�w�d���p���6�p�����@R���ĥ):�.������l�����.�.��~�,�K%{��h��ߛ�OQ�#�k�� ��Á,�p�d��߻Y�sZ�����.�Bh6�����&�:Ae>�� �=�C�8�eY�� �=~��$�6���~L�@>�g��W�"�@�����Ѕ�?�=�T��+E�#��^)��R @h �R p�(@�JQ4�]���b� �

    terrible day so far..

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  • I can not give you and answer but I think as a clue it is possible a encode issue, i.e latin3 Vs UTF8.
    I can’t see how restarting the VPS would be able to hurt one database and not others, I would say more likely that this database was the reason for the VPS crash?
    I know this really annoy’s me when people ask this, do you have daily incrementals setup?
    I would speak to my hosting co again, sometimes they only assist when pushed.

    Good luck.

    I actually don’t know what a daily incremental setup is, so no.
    I’ll look into the encode issue..

    Am stumped about the restart issue as well, and will continue to push my host.
    Thanks for your help.

    Sorry what I meant was on vps set up’s normally they are set to once a week full backup which will backup whole container and settings and incremental backup which backs up things like files,folders and databases.
    You could ask your host if this is the case.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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