• Hi,

    How do I get the amount (only) of the latest payment received?
    When I made entered the payment received as 70 in admin :

    In ‘Invoice Paid Notification‘ :
    [payment_total] gives me 1st payment made to the invoice i.e. ₹50.00 AND
    [invoice_payments_list] gives me “Admin Payment: ₹70.00 on August 29, 2019\n” Email received


    In ‘Payment Received Notification‘ :
    [payment_total] gives me latest payment made to the invoice i.e. ₹70.00 Email received

    I dont understand how a same shortcode gives different value at diff places.

    Please, tell if I am getting wrong.


    Prashant… 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Dan Cameron


    Hi Prashant,

    I’ll have to do some testing to see what this could be. It seems like an issue with the admin payments since we’ve never seen something like this before (and admin payments are rarely used).

    We will get back to you soon.

    Kind Regards,


    Thanks for the reply. Waiting for the solution.

    Prashant… 🙂

    Plugin Author Dan Cameron


    Hi Prashant,

    Apologies for the delay, it’s just that we can’r reproduce this one at all.

    Do you have any customizations that could be contributing to this?

    Kind Regards,

    No Dan,
    I don’t have any customisation. I just did few changes like, I put last line with the invoice link to the top, kept line spacing in between every line, etc. but not the one which may change the value.

    Suggest me alternative solution. What can I use or is it possible for you to write a new short code for that?


    Prashant… 🙂




    [invoice_edit_url] don’t work right (https://localhost/domain/wp-admin/&action=edit).

    Plugin Support clgwaltney


    Hi there,

    My name is Chris. Sorry you’re having trouble with this! What exactly isn’t working? The link you sent is broken.

    Let me know, thanks!

    Hi Chris,

    [invoice_edit_url] produce that link https://domain.com/wp-admin/&action=edit and the link is broken.

    the right link: https://domain.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=17012&action=edit

    Plugin Author Dan Cameron



    This is Dan Cameron, the lead developer of Sprout Invoices. Chris passed this on to me after he did some extensive testing. I also ran some tests (a lot) and ended up not able to reproduce this at all.

    I wonder if it’s an issue with another plugin, possibly something that is caching objects incorrectly.

    If you could do some troubleshooting on your end I’d appreciate hearing about the results.

    Kind Regards,

    Please, suggest a solution for [payment_total] & [invoice_payments_list] output value… refer to the main question in this topic.

    Plugin Author Dan Cameron


    Hi Prashant,

    We still have this bug report open within our project (github), and regularly run tests, however we’re still not able to reproduce the issue.

    If you’re able to reproduce this on a default setup of WordPress please let us know and provide access to the site. Otherwise we may need to close this report and mark it as non-producible.


    I suggest you to create a new shortcode which will give correct output value.


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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