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  • I’m not sure if this is a Webcomic issue or due to some other “feature” of WordPress, but I’m noticing that my images are displaying at 50-90% of their actual size. Obviously as an artist trying to display reasonably high-quality art, this is unacceptable.

    I read somewhere that WordPress automatically reduces JPEGs by 10%, but I installed a plugin to stop that behavior, and both PNGs and JPEGs seem to be uploading to the media library correctly. However, when I either attach them newly to a post, or link them from the media library to a post, what shows up on the public site is a grainy image (which is what makes me think it’s a Webcomic issue).

    The 10% reduction in JPEGS is bad enough, but a 50% reduction in PNGs is completely unbelievable.

    Hope you have some advice.

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  • Not sure if this will help you, but you can change the size manually. Find where the image is located in your post, and change the values for the width and height to whatever the image actually is. It’s here: width=”844″ height=”1043″.

    I think I might be having the same issue, but no matter what size I make my images they are blurry. When I click on them, they appear perfectly (so I know that I uploaded them ok) – but I want them not to be blurry in the post!!

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