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series meta display options

  • Like the plugin so far. One question though: Series meta (This post is x of x in series n) only shows up above individual posts. It doesn’t show up above posts on the home page. Is this by design, or is there an option to allow series meta to display everywhere?


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  • I am also having problems with the series meta not displaying. It had been displaying as I wanted on the home page, archive pages and individual posts until I upgraded to version 2.4.6, but now it is missing from the home page! (everything still looks ok on the archive pages and individual posts)

    I am seeing this issue as well. This can be fixed a few different ways:

    a) You can add the following to your index.php:
    if(function_exists('wp_seriesmeta_write')){echo str_replace('%postcontent%','',wp_seriesmeta_write());}
    The replace is to get rid of the unneeded %postcontent%.


    b) You can remove %postcontent% from the “Series Meta” field in the Options, and then add the following to any files where you want the Series Meta to appear (eg, index.php, single.php, etc.):
    if(function_exists('wp_seriesmeta_write')){echo wp_seriesmeta_write();}

    I’m not sure why it stopped working, and I can’t see anything in the code that indicates an issue. I thought perhaps some filters that I have in my functions.php for the_content and the_content_more_link might be the cause, but removing those (temporarily) didn’t change anything.

    I hope the above is helpful!

    I did some more digging, and it looks like this is actually by design. There’s code in orgSeries-setup.php that excludes the front page from having the Series Meta displayed. So I suggest the following:

    Leave %postcontent% as-is, and instead add the following to one’s functions.php:

    // Add Series Meta information to posts that belong to a series (for Blog Index/Home).
    function add_series_meta($content) {
    	if ( is_front_page() && function_exists('wp_seriesmeta_write') ){
    		if ($series_meta = wp_seriesmeta_write()) {
    			$addcontent = $content;
    			$content = str_replace('%postcontent%', $addcontent, $series_meta);
    	return $content;
    add_filter('the_content', 'add_series_meta', 1000);

    That should fix things, while leaving the existing functionality alone.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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