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    I am having a couple issues with the icons of series displaying, both inside the CMS and on the public facing page.

    • Issue #1: I customized the output for the Table of Contents to look something like this:
      <div class="series-box-home">
      <div class="title-container">
      <h3><span class="title-before">Series: </span>%series_title_linked%</h3>
      <p>(%total_posts_in_series% articles)</p>
      <div class="post-container">
      <div class="series-image">%series_icon_linked%</div>
      <div class="series-text">
      <p class="series-description">%series_description%</p>
      <ul class="post-list">%post_title_list%</ul>
      <div class="clear"></div>
      <p class="series-link">%series_title_linked%</p>

      For some reason, the live page does not display the icons with the series. All other tokens are outputting the correct information.

    • Issue #2: When adding a new series in the Manage Series section, I am able to use the “Select Image” button to choose the icon I want for that series, and before I save the new series, a thumbnail of the icon is shown. However, after I save the new series, the icon disappears from the series and is not displayed under the “Icon” column in the list of series. When I try to edit the series and add/re-add the icon, the icon will then display in the “Icon” column. BUT, if I go back into editing the series, the “Current Series Icon” section says “No icon currently.”

    Any ideas? It’s a little frustrating that the images seem to be the only thing that is broken, and I’m not sure what to try next. Thanks for the help in advance.

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  • Hi there,
    This is a known issue that appeared with the release of 3.5. The fix will make it into the next release. At this point no ETA on that but we’re working to get it out soon.

    I’m currently using WP 3.4.2. Was it also an issue in that release?

    maybe we just noticed it with 3.5… either way we’re working on fix.

    If you are comfortable editing code you can apply the fix yourself in the interim instead of having to wait for the release:

    Open orgSeries-taxonomy.php, on line 643 you will see the following:

    $series_icon = isset( $_POST['series-icon_loc'] ) ? $_POST['series_icon_loc'] : null;

    change it to:

    $series_icon = isset($_POST['series_icon_loc'] ) ? $_POST['series_icon_loc'] : null;

    Please report back if this fixes the issue for you. If there are other issues still remaining let me know. Thanks!

    Thanks for the reply, nerrad! Unfortunately, that didn’t fix the issue. Plus, when I went into my orgSeries-taxonomy.php, line 643 had this:

    $series_icon = isset($_POST['series_icon_loc']) ? $_POST['series_icon_loc'] : null;

    …with no spaces on either side of $_POST['series_icon_loc']. I also tried changing it to have spaces on either side, but that didn’t work either. Any other fixes that would be helpful?


    The fix I posted should work for the issue with saving icons on the manage series page.

    As for the other issue you posted. I need a bit more details as I’m unable to reproduce.

    Where are you using the %series_icon_linked% token? In one of the series template fields on the series options page? If so I’m assuming within the field that customizes the output for the Series Table of Contents page.

    Also, what view are you expecting this on the front end? If you could give me your url structure or even a link to the page that’d be very helpful in trying to narrow down this issue.

    Due to lack of reply I’m marking this thread as resolved.

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