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    Right now, it looks like you can’t add a post to a series in the 5.0 block editor. I suspect this is because of the register_taxonomy() call not setting show_in_rest to true, but I haven’t tested that yet.

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  • Would be nice to see an update to support Gutenberg.

    The fix is easy. If someone can get ahold of the developer here’s what worked for me. (not heavily tested, but it appears to work.)

    Gutenberg uses the REST API so Taxonomy’s must be registered with “show_in_rest => true”.

    WP Post Series registers the post_series taxonomy on line 68 of wp-post-series.php..

    If you add

    ‘show_in_rest’ => true,

    above line 78 — ‘show_ui’ => true,

    you should see the series metabox in Gutenberg.

    Note: If you edit the file directly, plugin updates will wipe your changes. However, the plugin hasn’t been updated for 3 years, so it is unlikely that will happen. If you’re worried about it, the register_taxonomy() function can update existing post types as well, so you could fairly easily craft a function in functions.php that would be impervious to updates.
    Developer, if you’re out there, thanks for this neat little plugin, hope you find the time to update it for Gutenberg.

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    Mike Jolley is one of the 2 main developers behind WooCommerce. Last I checked, he’s still one of the leads over there. So I’m kinda doubting he has time to work on this.

    I’d be happy to take it over and get it updated. I’m not a dev, but I’d pay one to update it.

    Mike, if you see this, contact me. I’d be happy to take it over and keep it updated. I use it on a number of sites and just want to keep it working for the future.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    @thefiddler thanks for the offer 🙂 Happy to add some contributors to the GitHub repo with push access. But you’re right, I’ve just lacked the time to work on this or update for Gutenberg.

    Cool. Thanks Mike. I’m not a dev, but would be happy to pay the guy I have working on some other plugins to do this since we use it on our sites and several of our client’s sites. Though it may be a few months before I can have him work on it (limited budget for this stuff).

    When that time comes, what’s the best way to reach you to add him to the GitHub repo? Oh and it’s Jonathan Bossenger of WP HackerCast (, just so you know it’s someone trustworthy and invested in the community.

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