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    I am having a problem with WP serialization. To cut a long story short: the problem appeared two months after the site launch. All the strings of text that were stored as a theme_option or as a meta box all turned into a letter “A”. I guess it happened when WP self-updated to version 3.8.1, but I can’t really be sure…

    At first – I thought it’s a plugin bug. I use Option Tree as a solution to store theme options and meta boxes. I started an issue on the plugin’s repo on github. The author of the plugin hasn’t answered yet but after some digging and var_dumping I noticed that not only Option Tree’s strings were “A”s but also Contact Form 7’s. There on github I’ve described in more details.

    To solve the issue of “A”s of theme_options I wrapped the string in the @unserialize function – and it worked well. But the meta boxes remain.

    So I’m at a loss ). You can see the problem online at (it’s in Russian). The Warnings there – are a result of different foreach loops getting string("a") instead of an array of values.

    I will be glad if anyone could point me to the direction of solving the issue.


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