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  1. mikis
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Please note that first "official" version of the Serbian WordPress 1.5 translation (localization) is available. It can be downloaded both from SVN repository, and from Rosetta.

    97% of translation is finished, with only 25 strings left to go; those with difficult to translate terms like "Pingback", "Trackback" or "Feeds".

    Translation is in Serbian Cyrillic script, UTF-8 code page. It can be easily converted into any other code page, or Latin script using tools like iconv, cirulat or Vucko.

    For the record, this translation was first used on the official site of famous Serbian writer Milorad Pavić: http://www.khazars.com

    Localized default templates should be available soon.

    [something for native speakers:] Ukoliko ste korisnik WordPressa sa srpskog govornog podruÄ?ja, i želite da doprinesete poboljÅ¡anju kvaliteta prevoda ili testiranju, molim javite se :)

  2. zogo
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Ja se još uvek razmišljam da li da teram wp na srpskom ili na engleskom.

    U svakom sluÄ?aju hvala na prevodu.

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