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  • jbtank1


    I’ve searched extensively for this and other people have requested similar things, but I haven’t found any conclusion that was useful.

    On the single.php page I have 2 loops: 1. The main whole single post, 2. The latest posts displayed as excerpts. Instead of the the latest posts, however, I’d like either the next 3 excerpts displayed or one previous and 2 next excerpts displayed. Either of these would work for me. How would I do this?

    It seems I need the second loop to know the ID of the first loop and somehow show 1 more recent and 2 older excerpts unless there is no more recent post in which case it should display the 3 next posts. I’m not much of a PHP coder though.

    On the homepage I have one main loop for the latest post excerpt (displayed differently then the next ones) and then the next 3 displayed as smaller excerpts. This is fine for the homepage, but not the single.php pages.

    Essentially, I’d like people to be able to browse posts sequentially while showing excerpts instead of (or in addition to) just next and previous links.

    Any help would be incredibly appreciated. Here’s the dummy site:

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