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  • Hi all,

    I am making a simple Lithuanian website, which I will want to expand to multilanguage website with LT, RU, PL and EN language support (LT is a default language) in a near future.
    Should I install WPML if I plan using several languages in a near future? Or is it easy enough to move from Lithuanian-only website to a WPML-enabled website?

    At the moment I have installed WPML and several themes (some with mobile support too) to experiment a little; and I have set lithuanian language as default. In what order should I manage translations if I have an english theme (e.g. default WP theme)?

    Is there some recommended sequence like “you should first put all widgets, then install a theme, then translate”? or another way? I have tried different sequences, and I have noticed that in some sequences widgets disappear, part of widget information or pages disappear in some languages etc.

    Where could I find themes that are highly-compatible with WPML plugin?

    Overall, is there a place / repository where (or a method how) I could find decently compatible and quality themes and a group of plugins (with multilanguage support, mobile browsing support, etc.)?

    I would appreciate any and all help. Thanks,

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