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  • Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me an idea where to start? I would like to seperate the sidebar from the content, but still have the side bar update (i.e. archives, search bar, etc) I want to place the content in one iframe and the side bar in another ( i know, i know, people hate iframes 😉

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  • Take a look at what you’ve downloaded: both Deafult and Classic have the sidebar “separated”.
    I don’t know anything about iframes 🙂

    Do you understand why people hate them? One, at last I knew, search engines ignore them, so whatever is in them won’t help you climb the search engine page ranks. Two, they force the user to work harder to use your page. Three, they aren’t viewed equally by all browsers, though that isn’t so true anymore, but you have to consider your audience.

    You can put the sidebar anywhere you want, and an iframe anywhere you want. There are tons of places to get information on creating an iframe on the net. Just do a search. Technical information can also be found at the

    I recommend you visit the WordPress Codex, documentation site for WordPress and spend some time learning about themes and layout to help you deal with the other issues regarding your sidebar.

    I dont know if I am missing something because like moshu I know next to nothing about these infernal iframes – but surely it is possible to create a similar effect by reducing the rap size right down.

    Hehe, yeah i understand why people dont like iframes, and i understand how to use them. I could really care less about search engine ranking. I however do not fully understand manipulating wordpress yet. Thanks for the pointers, i think im headed in the right direction now.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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