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  • elvenjess


    I would like to have the wordpress files reside in a seperate directory from my root directory. How would I go about doing this?

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  • southerngal


    This isn’t really a hack, more like a just regular question.
    I would just make a new directory under your root and put all the files there. 🙂



    Ahh yes, but then I need to use includes to get it into my news page and that always give me a blank page instead of working.



    I have used it before in a separate directory and didn’t need includes. You can put WP in many directories, have many blogs, just change the table names.



    The problem comes, southerngal, if you want to have WP in a directory structure outside of your root [say, /wordpress/] but have the main page of your site [/index.php] be modified by WP.
    There are other threads complaining about this issue. 🙂

    That is exactly what I want to do, gfmorris. 🙂
    Anybody got ideas/hacks? 😉

    bigmoose: i have mine set, i have the index page outside, i have just changed these lines
    <?php /* Don’t remove this line, it calls the b2 function files ! */ $blog=1;
    <?php include(‘b2/b2comments.php’); ?>
    and all other includes with the /b2 dir

    and i also have the same index.php file inside the /b2 dir but with these settings
    <?php /* Don’t remove this line, it calls the b2 function files ! */ $blog=1;
    <?php include(‘b2comments.php’); ?>

    it seems to work fine so far, although i kinda now have 2 index pages, but the /b2/index.php only displays when i want to check archives/calendar/comments
    hope this helps! if u want to see how it works

    lol, i seem to be hyaving problems with this now since upgrading to .72! will fix her later

    Well, please post it here if you get it going! 😀

    I’ve had this working with both b2 and wordpress. With wordpress, there are no file changes to make. All you have to do is modify the paths. WordPress is located in /news/, which is a directory inside the root, and index.php is located in root. The files below are the places I have changed the paths, both located in the index file. The first line also appears in archives.php. No other changes are needed.
    <?php /* Don’t remove this line, it calls the b2 function files ! */ $blog=1; include (“news/blog.header.php”); ?>
    <?php include (“news/b2comments.php”); ?>

    Been away for a while, has anyone come up with anything?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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